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Sassy Nightlife Bangkok

Welcome to Sassy Bangkok Nightlife, the pub crawl capital of Bangkok. We are all about creating lasting impressions of amazing club experiences for you. Our Bangkok bar crawl tours include a deliberate lineup of the most exotic pubs and bars in the city, allowing you to encounter the rich and energetic vibe of Bangkok’s nightlife. 

Our fulfilment comes when we are certain that you are enjoying your night to the fullest. From the point when you make your bookings to the point when you get off the tour bus, we shower you with VIP treatment. We have a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the city and are committed to showing you the luxury club scene in Bangkok.

To further improve your Bangkok bar crawl experience, we have currently built a strong rapport with the best clubs in Bangkok– what this means is that you won’t face the challenge of standing in long lines or being denied entry into any club. Watch as our guides take you through the long queues in clubs and give you the executive treatment that you deserve. Your security is also guaranteed as you hop from one club to the other.

So it could be that you are a resident looking to go on a wild clubbing adventure, or you could be a tourist who needs to party alongside other people– Sassy Bangkok bar crawl has got you covered. No matter who you are, or where you are from, be sure to have a great time and meet new buddies. So join us on one of our pub crawls and discover the best of the local bar scene. We guarantee it will be a memorable evening! Book your reservations now.

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Pub Crawl Bangkok Events

Weekly Pub Crawl

Choose from our Friday or Saturday Bangkok night pub crawl tours. Book them now online with our safe and secure booking system. These tours are run weekly basis exclusively for sassy Bangkok guests only.  The tours are seat limited to ensure quality guest experience and prevent venue overcrowding.

friday night pub crawl bangkok

Friday Night

Start the weekend with a blast in party capital of the world, Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Free Drinks
  • Top Bars In BKK
  • Awesome Hosts

$59 USD

saturday night pub crawl bangkok

Saturday Night

Experience the ultimate nightlife, the world’s party capital has to offer.

  • Party All Night
  • House Full People
  • Fun Guaranteed

$59 USD

pick up coach thailand

On Field Couching

Learn the law of attraction from gurus with wisdom & pick any women

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Proven Strategies
  • Money Back Guaranteed

$200 USD

Your Bangkok Pub crawl Itinerary

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You get booking confirmation email with venue details, timing and your host contact details

Meet Hosts

On the night of the tour Meet and greet your party your host and other guests.


We embark our night from the first venue and conquer the night with several awesome venues around Bangkok.

Why Pub Crawl Bangkok

Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok has gained international recognition as one of the top cities with an incredible nightlife. You can still see malls, restaurants, and shops open till midnight, and you can take evening tours in busy locations and still feel safe.

Thailand’s capital is surrounded by the best clubs and bars you will ever come across. We are talking about world-class pubs with expensive sound systems, impressive light shows, elegant interiors, a diverse drink menu, and international DJs who will keep you dancing all night. No matter your taste of music, you will always find a pub that matches your preference.

What better way to experience all this goodness than with a pub crawl in Bangkok? Our pub crawl has a touch of excellence that cannot be found anywhere else in the city and you will get value on every dime spent!

Whether you are new to the city and up for a tour experience, or you want a birthday party hangout, or bachelor party, the Sassy Bangkok bar crawl is an interesting way to experience the local bar scene as we will take you to the most iconic venues. We offer free drinks and provide activities and games to help you loosen up and socialize. Also, we have well-trained hosts who are welcoming, friendly, and attentive to your needs. Typically, Bangkok’s locals are friendly, but because your safety is paramount to us, we have taken extra measures. We have mapped out clubs in convenient and accessible locations with tight security and with our trained guides you are certain of  uninterrupted fun.

Why don’t you let us take you on a tour and introduce you to the best bars and clubs in Bangkok? We exist to give you a memorable, premium, and enjoyable experience. Book a reservation with us today and let us make the magic happen. 

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Experience Bangkok’s Ultimate Nightlife Tour.

The Ultimate Bangkok Pub Crawl

What To Expect

Professional Hosts

Our knowledgeable hosts will safely guide you to the designated pubs and bars. They exist to ensure that you have a good time in safe and enjoyable settings.

Free Drinks 

With Sassy Bangkok bar crawl, you are  guaranteed free drinks at each stop if you have made reservations with us. Our hosts will also assist you in adhering to Thai laws and regulations regarding alcohol consumption.

Awesome Games

There’s never a dull moment with us. Some games you get to play are; Beer pong, Flip cup, Never have I ever. In addition to the games, there are also interactive moments where group members are encouraged to socialize and network with each other.

Best Venues in Bangkok

Our pub crawl in Bangkok is all about taking you to the best venues. We carefully curate sophisticated locations that offer the best activities and customer service.

Safe And Private Group

To ensure the safety and privacy of all group members, we begin by creating a lineup of the safest locations. Also, each of our Bangkok pubs crawls is limited to 15 to 20 persons. This way, it’s easy to spot strange faces and keep everyone together and safe.

Night to Remember

Discover multiple pubs and bars in Bangkok, try out different drinks, and make new friends! Just one night with our pub crawl in Bangkok is enough to keep you longing for more.

Top Nightlife Pub Crawl Bangkok

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General FAQ

What is Bangkok Pub Crawl?

Bangkok pub crawl is an exciting way to explore the city’s nightlife scene in one night. It involves a group of people who stop at different clubs and bars in the city to party and drink. Pub crawl in Bangkok is worth it as you get to enjoy the company of new people, get free drinks, and play fun games in carefully selected venues.

How many people come to the pub crawl?

A typical Sassy Bangkok pub crawl consists of around fifteen to twenty individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds. This offers you a great opportunity to meet and bond with people from different walks of life.

What clubs do you go to?

Our aim is to only be found in the top clubs located in high-traffic areas of the city. We prioritize clubs that have a creative and appealing aesthetic, top-notch sound systems, and of course, great taste in music.

How do I meet you guys?

Meeting with us is a simple process. To get started, all you need to do is make a reservation with us, and we will send you a confirmation email. This email will provide you with all the necessary details, such as when and how you can meet us and join in on the fun.

What is the safety of the tour like?

With Sassy Bangkok Nightlife, security should be the least of your worries. First of all, we have our buses to convey you to and fro, so there’s no room for street harassment. Secondly, our top-notch guides and security personnel are highly trained and they accompany you on every tour, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Rest assured, we only select clubs and bars with stringent security measures in place.


Book your next Bangkok Pub Crawl with confidence. We pride our hosts, who have skills built over many years. We bring pub crawl experience from Sydney Australia, Las Vegas, USA, and Berlin, Germany.

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